Cotuit is the quintessential Cape Cod village bounded by three sides of the sea: Cotuit Bay to the west, Oyster Harbors (part of the town of Osterville) to the east and Dead Neck/Sampson's Island to the south. All waterways are part of the Three Bays system that include the North and West Bays. Sampson's Island is an Audubon bird sanctuary and can only be reached by boat or if you’re adventurous, jumping in swimming from shore!

Called the “Little Harvard” in its day due to its popularity among Harvard professors who loved to vacation there in the summer; the town is also is renowned for several things: The Cotuit Oyster Company, famous for its delicious oysters, grown in the local waters and served in many fine dining establishments throughout the States.

The Cotuit Kettlers, one of the Cape’s best baseball leagues make their home here and practice and play in Lowell Park. The team is the winner of thirteen Cape League titles, their last of which came in 2010. At Ropes’ beach near the center of town, sits the The Mosquito Yacht Club, established in 1906. It still hosts sailing races during the summer months and is the home of the beautiful, little Cotuit Skiff, one of the oldest continuously sailed fleets of one-design racing boats in the world.